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VStudstill Designs, formerly known as VBS Designs, was created by Vicki Studstill after she retired after nearly 30 years as a physical education teacher. During her career as a teacher, jewelry was not needed or worn. Vicki grew up as the daughter of a Vice President of the second largest jewelry company in the country and was accustomed to high quality jewelry. While working for her father through high school, college, and a few years after college she developed close relationships with some of the most powerful and influential people in the jewelry industry in the Austin and Houston area. 

After retirement, sweats and t-shirts were no longer acceptable attire and along with a new wardrobe, accessories were needed. With her extensive exposure to only high quality merchandise, anything less wasn’t acceptable. It was at this time Vicki started creating her own line of exclusively genuine, natural gemstones handcrafted only with precious metals. There will never be treated gemstones or plated metals in any of these designs.

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